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We offer practical services that provide near-immediate results, so you can build sustained momentum.

Certified Procurement Professionals

We find them, we train them, we pay them, you reap the benefits.

All Blackline employees are certified procurement professionals. They show up ready to save your business money and elevate your entire procurement team. From sourcing to buy desk, Blackline can fill your resource gaps quickly.

Digital Procurement

Blackline is Scout’s most seasoned partner. We’ve refined our offerings into three service packs designed to accelerate and optimize Scout’s value for your organization.

Let Blackline guide your sourcing team from launch to optimization, ensuring accelerated adoption and maximum cost savings.

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Diagnostics & Analytics

Blackline offers pre-built spend analytics, supplier segmentation, and customer engagement tools and dashboards to our clients.

Take advantage of Blackline diagnostics and analytics tools to understand your spend and supply base, then identify areas for quick-win improvements and long-term success.

Are You Packaged For Success?

All Blackline Procurement leader clients receive a Procurement Roadmap designed to help you visualize and communicate progress. Use your Procurement Roadmap to set expectations and get buy-in as you generate momentum and take Procurement to the next level for your company.