5 Practical Tips for eSourcing

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Below are 5 practical tips to prepare your team for success as they enter eSourcing.

  1. Award a Purchase Order at the end of the electronic Sourcing event as an incentive and to build trust with your preferred suppliers.
  2. Take advantage of the transition to offer the business a 1 pager which clarifies
    • business role in selecting the supplier
    • introduction of value beyond pricing (e.g., selection criteria that include quality, speed, risk, innovation)
  3. The business may feel that the electronic RFP scoring ‘traps’ them into selecting only the low cost provider. Be sure to include soft measures like ‘culture fit’ and ‘service mindset’ to allow business to express their interests in an objective manner.
  4. If the business stakeholders are new to electronic RFPs, invite them to a ‘live scoring session’ that includes real time changing of criteria and weighting for scoring the RFP – this will increase business engagement
  5. Develop an operational ‘post RFP’ check-list that includes:
    • hand-off of setup supplier for payment/requisition in ERP
    • archiving of contract agreement
    • initiation of purchase requisition on-behalf of the business (this is a nice service touch and ensures a connection between negotiated savings and committed spend)
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